Building a Library of Samples (Kontakt) of The Uzbek Traditional Dutar


Library of samples
Uzbek Traditional Dutar
Uzbek folk instruments
music production
UX design

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Khandamian, V. . and Khasanov, A. . (2021) “Building a Library of Samples (Kontakt) of The Uzbek Traditional Dutar”, Eurasian music science journal. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, (1), pp. 45–52. doi: 10.52847/EAMSJ/vol_2021_issue_1/53.


Sample libraries are one of the most popular music technologies in the modern world for the recreation of instruments in the digital environment.
Sample library development is a rapidly growing branch of music technology. This article examines the stages of creating a library of a traditional Uzbek dutar. Particular attention is paid to methods for achieving realistic instrument sound in the digital field.


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